Live Love Laugh
No Hate. Spread Love. That's What's Important.
Live Love Laugh
♦ Chiara, 23, Italian,
happy-go-lucky, Klainer.
♦ Darren Criss & Chris Colfer
admirer and fan.

As a musician, I hear the harmonic value of everything - I just enjoy music.

Rory O’Malley → Turn It Off

barry allen + looking so damn good with his mask off

Dad bought me flowers <3 #birthdaypresent

Glee - Photoshoot

Direi che mi sono fatta proprio un bel regalo di compleanno <3 #Wicked

tiffanyrinehart Going through old pics on my phone. I miss these 3 & family dinner nights @hrhchriscolfer @axemefink @dotmariejones #fbf

lauren_tatum_events “Sweet” onesies table for Simon! @jamiemakeupgreenberg #laurentatumevents #normancook

i wish i could explain what’s going on in my brain sometimes i’m so sorry

"I don’t shave when I’m not working."  xxxx

I’ll pretend that I’m kissing; the lips I am missing. And hope that my dreams will come true.


"you’ve already seen that musical once, you don’t need to see it again." no u don’t understand

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