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The Air That I Breathe - Kurt/Blaine NC-17


Summary: The ocean is wide and deep, dark and lonely, and Kurt visits the surface as often as he can. He thinks nothing could be brighter than the sun, until he meets Blaine. 13k

Warnings: potential spoiler: sex doesn’t take place when Kurt is a mermaid

A/N: Because there aren’t enough mermaid au’s out there. Thanks to laura and tiff for all the help and love!

There is nothing even remotely similar to the sun where Kurt comes from.

Large and gold, illuminating the entire sky so that it comes clear. In his younger days, an ache would form behind his eyes if he stared too long. And he can never stay out for too many hours or else his skin will darken and sting.

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Cue the swoon. 


call an ambulance i’m not okay



‏@msleamichele Singing a broadway classic with @DarrenCriss at #Glee today! #GleeSeason6 🎶


tacogrande wanted a mint chocolate bowtie so here you are!




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